Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases stamp from San Marino

April 3rd, 2013

The post of San Marino issued a stamp dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Below offers some sad statistics: cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of deaths worldwide, though since the 1970s. Although cardiovascular disease usually affects older adults, the antecedents of cardiovascular disease, notably atherosclerosis, begin in early life, making primary prevention efforts necessary from childhood.

The heart is the main element of the stamp and it is therefore the only coloured image. Besides on the stamp you can see an apple, symbol of health, a running man for physical activity and stethoscope to remind medical check-up. Without all these elements the heart risks to be shadowed. It is necessary to play a team game to fight against cardiovascular diseases. The philately of San Marino wants to underline again this concept issuing this new stamp.

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