PTC introduces original 2022 postage stamps

August 1st, 2014

In line with the country's first world status vision by 2022, the Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC) launched new postage stamps that would promote the country's drive to achieving the set goal.

The new postage stamps were launched during an event held at the Royal Swazi Convention Centre. Managing Director Petros Dlamini said the production of the new postage stamps demonstrated SPTC's common vision with government; that of achieving first world class status by 2022. The stamps capture the key development indicators towards vision 2022.

The stamps are a product of SPTC's postal services division. General Manager Swazi-Post Phumelela Shongwe said the stamps were designed in a way that covers places of interest sports, national and cultural events, as well as nature and conservation.

Some of them reflect the King Mswati III International Airport and these would be used for mail and parcels that are being sent across the world.

Shongwe said the stamps indicated progress that the country had made in the various sectors. One of the batches shows the first national soccer team at the time of Independence in 1968.

Another batch shows the national clinical laboratory services and emergency preparedness.

He said these were to display the major health service milestones of the country so that people would know about it. Others indicate the implementation of the free primary education, among other things. Shongwe stated that Swaziland had tourists and these tourists needed to know about the country. He said the stamps were a significant window of what Swaziland is all about.

He said the stamps would be used to send mail to all over the world and in the process educate the world about Swaziland.

Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini said the significance of postage stamps was not only to prove payment for mail being sent but the stamp was also a means of  commemorating  important events  or displaying  of great leaders  and world figures. He said the new stamps showed creativity from the SPTC as they captured the country's vision.

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