Rare British stamp collection is amazed by philatelists from around the world… Let's get acquainted with it closer!

October 28th, 2015

It may seem to be strange but one of the greatest collections of British stamps does not exist anywhere near their country of origin. Rather they reside in New Brunswick with Mary Pugh.

FindYourStampsValue.com invites our readers to get acquainted with this rare stamp collection that is amazed by philatelists from around the world.

"I'm impressed coming from Canada that I should do so well in London", said Pugh. "It's certainly the Mecca for British collectors".
In February, Pugh received a gold medal in London from the Great Britain Philatelic Society, recognizing the rarity and uniqueness of the tiny squares of post-office art.

"Some of these just simply don't exist outside of this collection", said Pugh.
Pugh's assortment of stamps is exceptional, due to the fact that she's keeping Queen Elizabeth from completing her own collection.

It turns out the Queen owns 59 Penny Heaton stamps, almost a full sheet of the rare stamps printed in 1925. It would be a full sheet of 60 stamps had someone not cut one out.

That stamp has found its way into Pugh's collection.

"That sheet is in her collection. But it is missing that stamp ‒ which I have", said Pugh.
According to Pugh, the collection contains items that existed before stamps were even called stamps.

There, fellow stamp collector Graham Forbes said Pugh's collection deserved every award it garnered.

"It should be in a museum", joked Graham. "It's fantastic stuff in there".
But Pugh wants to keep showcasing the tiny pieces of history.

"I just like to bring it out for people to see interesting material which they might not see elsewhere outside of a book", said Pugh. Sourced by cbc.ca

 Mary Pugh owns a rare collection of British stamps that recently won a gold medal in London, England