April 27th, 2017

Revitalisation of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong. Six special stamps released by Hong Kong Post


Historic buildings are a valuable heritage that everyone should treasure. As a sequel to the first series titled “Revitalisation of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong” launched in 2013, Hongkong Post has issued a new set of six stamps under the same title this year to showcase six historic building revitalisation projects, with a view to enhancing public understanding and appreciation of the built heritage in Hong Kong.

FindYourStampsValue.com encourages our readers to appreciate the beautiful Chinese historical buildings and access no less exquisite design of these original philatelic items.

$1.70 stamp – Viva Blue House, situated in Wanchai, is composed of the Blue House, Yellow House, Orange House and adjacent vacant land. Operating under the mechanism of “retention of both the premises and the tenants” in 2017, Viva Blue House aims to preserve and promote local culture. The human figure icons in the background of the stamp signify interaction among different communities.

$2.20 stamp – Oi!, the former clubhouse of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, is located on Oil Street, North Point. Oi! was opened to the public in 2013 with an objective of nurturing young art talent and promoting community art. Dialogue boxes can be seen in the background of the stamp, representing the exchanges in art, the community and people.

$2.90 stamp – Green Hub in Tai Po is the Old Tai Po Police Station. Opened in 2015, Green Hub offers heritage displays and a heritage trail, as well as educational courses and workshops to promote sustainable living and put this into practice. In the background of the stamp are some egret patterns, symbolising the Tai Po Market Egretry, a habitat for egrets and herons to the north of Green Hub.

$3.10 stamp – Stone Houses Family Garden was originally part of the Hau Wong Temple New Village in Kowloon City. Having commenced its operation in 2015, Stone Houses Family Garden offers catering services, classes, exhibitions and guided tours for the public and visitors. The food and beverage graphics incorporated in the background of the stamp refer to the nostalgic-themed café at Stone Houses Family Garden.

$3.70 stamp – PMQ was originally the Former Police Married Quarters on Hollywood Road. The quarters were revitalised into a creative industries landmark in 2014, serving as a platform for designers and creative enterprises to showcase and sell their products. The background of the stamp is decorated with light bulb icons to depict the flourishing local creative industries.

$5 stamp – Mallory Street Revitalisation Project covers buildings in Wanchai that were homes to the grassroots population of the time. The Mallory Street Revitalisation Project was opened to the public in 2013, providing a creative platform for members of the local and international arts and cultural sectors. Graphics of drawing and painting tools are featured in the stamp background to illustrate art in the community.

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