Robust medieval castles appeared on two new stamps by PostNL. Next PostEurop 2017 philatelic issue presented to collectors attention

March 3rd, 2017

PostEurop’s annual European design competition puts castles in the spotlight this year. To take part in this philatelic event PostNL has issued the stamp sheetlet ‘Dutch Castles’ that features the medieval moated castles Doornenburg and Ammersoyen in Gelderland. invites our readers to appreciate this bright philatelic issue.

Contrast between the two castles

The late medieval Dutch castles Doornenburg with its square tower (13th century) and Ammersoyen with the round tower (14th century) have been chosen for this international stamp sheetlet as examples of recognisable fortified dwellings of the Middle Ages. The contrast between the castles is shown by overlapping photos including a historical letter and the outline of the floor plan. Both castles have broad moats for defence against hostile attacks. Additionally, Doornenburg Castle is familiar to many Dutch people as the setting for the popular 1960s Dutch TV series “Floris”.

Classic illustration

With this stamp sheetlet, The Hague designer Bart de Haas wanted to demonstrate the robust nature of castles. “Doornenburg and Ammersoyen are classic castles, just as you might have imagined them as a child: tall, with striking towers and a moat crossed by a drawbridge. They still look medieval now, even after restoration following bombings in the War. I was able to bring back more classical elements in the stamp sheetlet using images of coats of arms and old prints.”