Romfilatelia marks the 300 years since the martyrdom of saints Brancoveanu with a new issue

August 21st, 2014 is glad to inform that recently Romfilatelia has issued a special series of stamps commemorating important historical event and its martyrs. The stamps mark the 300 years since the martyrdom of saints Brancoveanu. These items were released on the 13th of August and are now available for purchasing.

Speaker of Turkish, Greek and Slavonic, Constantin Brancoveanu was known as a renowned and active personality in Europe, establishing during his 26-year long reign (1688 - 1714) a period of blessings for Wallachiain all areas.

In 1714, on Easter's eve, Voivode Constantin Brancoveanu was captured by an Ottoman envoy and brought under arrest to Constantinople together with his four sons: Constantin, Stefan, Radu and Matei, his brother-in-law the counsellor Ianache Vacarescu, and a part of his fortune.

Locked in the grim prison of Yedikule from Istanbul for four months, they underwent torture and were urged to give up Christianity to regain freedom. The Voivode's refusal was punished by the Sultan with the death penalty. On August 15th, 1714, as he turned 60, the voivode along with his counsellor and his four sons were beheaded. Their bodies were thrown into the sea, but Christians recovered and buried them on the island of Halki.

For their unflinching faith, the exemplary way in which they faced death, remaining Christians to the end, in 1992, the Romanian Orthodox Church has consecrated the six martyrs among the group of Saints.

The issue of postage stamps 300 years since the Martyrdom of Saints Brancoveanu brings a homage to Saint Brancoveanu's supreme sacrifice, who remains in the history of the nation and in the consciousness of the Romanian peoples the last voivode of the Middle Ages, the first voivode of the modern era and "The Dusk" of the House of Basarab.

The postage stamp with the face value of lei 2.40 reproduces the image of Constantin Brancoveanu in an engraving from that period, next to his emblem.