Rotary District 1913 as a symbol of tolerance and charity

February 27th, 2015 is glad to inform that Croatian Post has released a special stamp to commemorate Rotary District 1913. The item was released on the 23d of February and is now available for purchasing.

Rotarians promote tolerance, friendship and peace Rotarian movement, founded in 1905, represents a mini model of a peaceful world which could serve as an example to all nations. "Rotarians believe that it is possible to achieve what each person yearns for, like tolerance, friendship and world peace". With these words Paul P. Harris, the Rotary's founder described the purpose and actions of the huge Rotarian family.

The Statute of the Rotary Club Zagreb, first Croatian Rotary Club in the Republic of Croatia and a member of Rotary International defines that the purpose of all Rotarians is readiness to help other people in everyday life.

Serve others without personal gain is not just a Rotarian motto but also the characteristic of the ring connecting today more than a million of Rotarians in 25,000 clubs in 160 countries of the world. To this great family belongs from 1990 also Croatia with its first Rotary Club Zagreb, founded after Croatian people had voted in democratic elections its freedom and independent Republic of Croatia.

Today, Croatian Rotarian family is active in almost all major towns of the Republic of Croatia. During aggression on the Republic of Croatia Rotarians organized a series of humanitarian and charity activities for the benefit of refugees and children who in the Homeland War lost both parents. Although each Rotarian has private reasons for his/her religious and political view of life, it is still expected from Rotarians to be faithful patriots and openly uphold their religious belief.

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