Royal Mail introduced its new Smilers stamps

January 20th, 2015

According to info received by Royal Mail is ready to release a new series of stamps under the name "Smilers". The issue consists of eight items that are to be put into circulation on the 20th of January.

In announcing the new Smilers stamps, Royal Mail said, "The range of stamps that customers can choose is refreshed from time to time to give them greater choice and to allow them to celebrate a wider variety of life events".
The press release from Royal Mail also noted that the last time the Smiler designs were updated was in 2010).

Three of the new designs celebrate events, another three are intended for specific family members, and the other two represent a job well done and love, respectively.

The three events are a new baby, a birthday and a wedding. The designs depict a baby with an envelope for a diaper, three candles with faces in the flames, and a wedding cake topped by hearts.

Mothers, fathers and grandparents each receive their own stamp. Royal Mail said that these stamps can be used for multiple occasions, including birthdays and thank-you notes. The Mum and Dad stamps also are for use on Mother's Day and Father's Day cards, respectively.

Jenny Bowers of the design collective Peepshow designed the stamps. Royal Mail reports that she starts her artwork with a paint brush and a tube of black gouache paint.