Royal Mail wins hobby’s Oscar equivalent for best stamp issue! Innovative British stamps get Asagio ‘Best Design’ award for 2015

August 21st, 2016 hurries to congratulate Royal Mail for winning the Asiago international award for philatelic art for the best stamp issue of 2015.

Eight innovative stamps released by Royal Mail received this honorable award that is often considered the Oscars of Stamp Design and are awarded annually in Asiago Italy. 

This year the jury included a stamp designer, journalist, philatelist and film critic.  The awards are presented under the patronage of the President of Italy and Circolo filatelico Sette Comuni, the Seven Towns Philatelic Circle.

CIFO (Collezionisti Italiani di Francobolli Ordinari), the Italian equivalent of the ABPS (Association of British Philatelic Societies) reported this on 5 July.

The judges were favourably impressed, “the present boldly treatment of a difficult subject as the latest inventions of British scientists in the fields of optical fibers, stainless steel, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), electronics, bionics, road safety, through striking images and visually perfect, and concise captions but easily understood.”
The stamps were designed by GBH and printed by International Security Printers in lithography.

Royal Mail said, “GBH created original visual interpretations of the inventions’ key functions for six of the stamps, while two were designed using existing imagery and computer generated imagery illustration.” Portugal won the prize in the Ecology category, for four stamps, with a Polish stamp for World Blood Donation Day taking an award from the Italian Academy of Philately and Postal History. Spain received the award of the Palladian Axademy of Vicenze fo ra miniature sheet promoting Exfina, the Spanish national stamp exhibition.

Portugal ecology stamps - Asiago Award

Poland blood donation day stamp - Asiago Award

Spain EXFILNA miniature sheet - Asiago Award