Russian Gorny Convent appeared on stamp. A joint Israel-Russia issue introduced into postal circle

December 4th, 2017 is glad to let all stamp collectors know that Rusmarka and Israel Post has released a special stamp depicting Russian Gorny Convent that is located in the Ein Karem area.

The governments of Israel and Russia decided to issue a joint stamp issue as a sign of mutual friendship. In recent years, Russian Gorny Convent  is visited by increasing numbers of tourists and pilgrims and it represents the Russia's deep religious bond to Jerusalem.

Russian Gorny Convent in Jerusalem is located in the Ein Karem area, four kilometers south-west of the city center. The monastery was established by the Russians in 1871 in Ein Kerem. The name means “mountainous” in Russian. The Virgin Mary visited Ein Karem while carrying her unborn child Jesus and according to the New Testament, she met her cousin St. Elizabeth there, who was also pregnant with her son, John the Baptist. To commemorate this visit on the hillside above the village Russian Gorny Convent was erected. This is a large, magnificent gold-domed church which is part of the Russian convent complex.

We would also like to remind you that the first joint issue of Israel and Russia was released in 1997. These were the stamps that marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of A. Pushkin and the 100th anniversary of the translation of Eugene Onegin by A. Shlensky into Hebrew.