August 6th, 2014

Russian series of stamps “The history of the First World War”

As got to know, on 31th of July Russian Post released a series of stamps under the name "The history of the First World War".

"Osovets" - supporting Russian fortress built in the 50 km from the city of Bialystok. During the 1914-1915 it was three times attacked by the German troops, including the use of chemical weapons.

Brusilov offensive - in 1916 Russian troops under the command of General Brusilov liberated a large territory of Western Ukraine in an operation called "Brusilov Offensive."

Russian Expeditionary Force - four infantry brigades of special Russian army, which in 1916 were sent to France and Macedonia.

Erzurum operation - a major offensive of the Russian army at the beginning of 1916 on the Caucasian front. During hostilities Russian forces completely defeated third Turkish army and seized the important hub of the enemy defense - Erzurum fortress.

On postage stamps on a background map the battles described above can be seen. For release four stamps, first day covers with quicklime were prepared.

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