Salvador Dali – a real genius of art

October 28th, 2014 received information that Czech Post is to issue a special stamp dedicated to the work of a real genius – Salvador Dali. The stamp depicts one of the most famous works of this artist. The issue is to be released on the 5thof November.

Salvador Felip Jacint Dalí i Domènech was born on 11 May 1904 in Figureres, Spain and died on 23 January 1989 in the same place. He was an important Catalan painter, known for his surrealist works. Dalí was an artist of enormous talent and imagination.

However, Dali's eccentric and theatrical behavior sometimes overshadowed his work. He did unusual things just to get attention, which sometimes tired both his admirers and his critics. On the other hand, this triggered attention led to the recognition of his work by the general public and to increased sales of his works.

Dali's works are known for a striking combination of bizarre, dreamlike images with an excellent draftsmanship and painterly expression, for which Dalí found inspiration in the works of the old masters of the Renaissance. His best-known work, "The Persistence of Memory", was completed in 1931. Dalí created more than 1,500 paintings during his career. Besides that, he also illustrated books, designed theater sets and costumes, created dozens of sculptures, and participated in various other projects. Salvador Dalí's artistic repertoire also included film and photography.

He collaborated with Walt Disney on the animated short film Destino, which was after its introduction in 2003, long after Dali's death, was nominated for the Academy Award. Among his achievements in the field of architecture is a museum in the village of Port Lligat, near the Spanish town of Cadaqués, and the modern pavilion Dream of Venus at the World EXPO 1939, which contained many unusual sculptures and statues.