Sberatel gives an opportunity to become more efficient

September 6th, 2014

According to info got by a popular stamp show Sberatel will be accompanied with "Investor" and "Sberatel/Collector" fairs. The exhibition will also include a series of lectures on on-line trading to get attention of more and more participants.

The first day of the conference (September 4), the name of which is "2014 Trading Expo & Alternative Investments", is focused on investors who are new in the business and those interested in joining the community of on-line traders. The conference will also include presentations of brokers throughout the three days of the fair.

The second day of the conference (September 5) addresses all who are interested in investments into alternative commodities, in particular numismatic or philatelic items, gold, silver, gemstones and antiques. Its scope has been designed to cover different segments of the market. The objective is to show that collecting various items is not just a mind-elevating hobby, but also an opportunity to make a stable investment that is not affected by political and economic turmoil.

The main partners of the first day of the conference are XTB, Bossa and Investiční web, the second day will be held under the auspices of Silverum, Trustworthy and Česká mincovna (Czech Mint).