Scouting as the education for life. 4 special stamps presented by Romfilatelia

August 15th, 2017

Scouting is more than recreation, it is education for life, a way to live and a movement with significant global impact. Romfilatelia recognizes the new opportunities that Scouting offers to young people, such as the chance to engage in diverse activities, to meet new friends. Thus, the postage stamp issue “The sixth National Jamboree of Romanian Scouts”, is launched as a continuation of the Romanian philatelic tradition of celebrating this institution of childhood. encourages our readers to appreciate the original design of these four bright philatelic items!

Scouting fosters responsibility through the practice of democracy; it develops the potential of each individual and of the group, inspiring clear values. Approximately 1,800 young people change their perspective at RoJAM 2.0 17. Romanian Jamboree is a unique educational program, implemented under the High Patronage of the President of Romania.

The stamp with the face value of Lei 2.20 represents a scene from Cristian, Brasov County, the town that will host the Sixth National Jamboree of Romanian Scouts. In the picture you can see the tower of the fortified church in Cristian. Taking into account the relevance of the impact of the scouting in the community, the venue of the event is of particular importance as it will preserve the memory of the 1800 scouts.

The stamp with the face value of Lei 3.50 symbolizes scouting as a global movement, currently numbering over 40 million active members in 224 countries and territories, being the largest educational youth movement in the world. In the picture one can see scouts tents from different countries, participating in an International Jamboree.

The four stamps reflect the framework of the educational camp.

The stamp with the face value of Lei 8 captures a symbolic image for scouting, in which the scouts stand around the fire. Between scouting and nature there is a true symbiosis that has developed over the years, the scout finding shelter, food, training and personal development, nature finding a true friend and protector in the scout, who knows how to respect it. “Creating a Better World” is the mission of scouts in the world.

The stamp with the face value of Lei 15 reflects the scout salute. The three raised fingers signify the three principles of the scout movement: duty towards oneself, to ones neighbor and to God, while the big thumb placed over the small one signifies the great helping the small. Ready Anytime! or Be Prepared!, the exhortation of Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the Scouts, is also their motto.

The mission of Scouts in Romanian society is to contribute to the education of young people through a system of clear values, to help build a better world in which people are fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.