SEPAC 2013 - Baby Animals - Lambs stamp from the Faroe Islands

February 25th, 2013

Posta Faroe Islands issued a SEPAC stamp within the series "Baby Animals" dedicated to lambs.

The Faroese sheep is categorized as "primitive" race, since they are not bred as the so-called race-sheep. They are more robust and agile and are doing quite well on their own, even in inaccessible mountain areas where cultivated sheep breeds would quickly succumb.

The wool is thick and not so curly and has a layer of rough, water repellent outer hair, which makes it suitable for knitting of the so-called Faroese sweaters, designed for outdoor use in all weather. The fine inner wool is used for finer processes, and in recent decades a very refined design culture has emerged for clothing knitted by Faroese wool.

The fact that the sheep are driven directly from the outback to slaughter, makes the meat of a very special quality, which is not found in sheep on cultivated pastures. The wild herbs, which are a part of the diet, give the meat a very fine taste, and the fact that the lambs move around in the mountains gives a very solid and lean meat.

But all the talk about wool and meat are not the first thing in our mind, when we are all longing for spring, small lively hairballs and bleating of baby lambs.