Serbian Geological Society as the oldest scientific organization in the Balkans! New commemorative stamp released by Serbia Post

March 13th, 2016

Serbian Geological Society is one of our oldest scientific organizations and the first geologists' society in the Balkans. At the time of its creation, there were only two more "learned societies" in Serbia – Serbian Medical Society and Serbian Archeological Society. is glad to introduce a special commemorative stamp released by Serbian Post to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of this important and developing organization.

In the premises of the Belgrade Higher School, on 23 February 1891 a meeting was held when the participants decided to found a society with the primary task "to perform geological investigations of Serbia and other countries of the Balkan Peninsula and to inform its members and other interested parties about the achievement in the field of geology and affiliated sciences".

The name of the society that is commemorated by a new Serbian stamp was given by Sima Lozanić, a professor of chemistry at the Belgrade Higher School during his lectures in Germany. The members of the Serbian Geological Society were many great scientists and explorers, who left an important mark in Serbian and world science: Jovan Žujović (the founder of the Society, minister in several governments, rector of the Higher School, president of the Serbian Royal Academy), Jovan Cvijić (president of the Serbian Royal Academy), Sava Urošević (rector of the Higher School), Milutin Milanković (world authority in the field of climate and celestial mechanics), Vladimir Laskarev (one of the most eminent European geologists).

Many initiatives were taken at the Serbian Geological Society and one of the most important was a systemytic geological mapping of our country, the result of which was the Basic Geological Map of the entire territory of the ex – Yugoslavia, completed in the 1970s. Seismological Institute, Museum of Natural History, Geological Institute in Belgrade, as well as other scientific societies in Serbia were founded at the initiative of the Society's members. In its history, the Society has become an active member of many international organizations where the views of geologists and geology of Serbia are supported. invites our readers to appreciate this original stamp by Serbian Post together!

Serbia Post: Serbian Geological Society as the oldest scientific organization in the Balkans First Day Cover