November 25th, 2014

Severín Zrubec – one of the most important Slovak philatelists

According to info received by Slovak Post is to release a special commemorative stamp to honor one of its greatest philatelists. The stamp has been already designed and is scheduled to be put into circulation on the 5th of December.

Severín Zrubec lived, worked and received his degree of Doctor in Laws at the Faculty of Law of the Slovak University (1948) in Bratislava. Severín Zrubec worked as a lawyer in various organisations. He held his final post at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1968 - 1981) until 1982 when he retired. He is buried in his home place.

However, the philatelic public knows Severín Zrubec as a successful exhibitor, journalist, association member, and a member of home and foreign juries assessing exhibits. He took part in organised philately for more than fifty years. He engaged in modern view of philately as a hobby with a significant cultural and social mission. Since 1952, Severín Zrubec was a member of the Association of Slovak Philatelic Societies.

Attempts for re-establishment of the Association of Slovak Philatelists (1969) are also closely connected with his name. He held an office of the association chairman during two terms (1969 − 1979) and then continued as its vice-chairman for another two periods. His activities earned him various awards, for instance, Gold Honorary Medal of the Association of Slovak Philatelists and Laureate of the Prize of the Association of Slovak Philatelists 2000.

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