Signature Taiwan Delicacies Postage Stamps – Gift Desserts from the Heart

January 22nd, 2014

In a follow-up to the 2013 "Signature Taiwan Delicacies Postage Stamps" series – Home Cooked Dishes and Gourmet Snacks – Chunghwa Post is issuing another set of four stamps, featuring popular gift-packaged desserts. Each stamp is denominated at NT$5.

The designs follow:

1. Pineapple Shortcrust Pastry: the aromatic and soft skin of this pastry is made of shortcrust pastry dough, butter, eggs, and sugar. The filling comes in a wide variety, the most common being white gourd and pineapple jams. This dessert promises a party in the mouth. For the people of Taiwan, the pastry's popularity transcends time and age.

2. Mochi: made of glutinous rice, the dessert is savory and chewy. Plain mochi is eaten with a coat of redolent, powdered peanut. Or one can choose mochi with filling, which ranges from red bean, peanut, or sesame pastes, and is ubiquitously delicious. The dessert offers a multiplicity of texture.

3. Sun Cake: the filling of this time-honored pastry comprises maltose, with golden-crispy crusts. The crusts are flaky, rich and exquisite; the maltose, on the other hand, leaves a sweet, addictive aftertaste.

4. Egg Yolk Pastry: The red bean or jujube paste is stuffed with a salty, delectable egg yolk. The filling is then tucked into rich, full-flavored pastry crust. A pinch of sesame is sprinkled on the dessert. The combination of sweetness and saltiness is absolutely ambrosial.

This set of stamps is designed in a horizontal se-tenant format. Between the upper and bottom two rows of the sheetlet is a strip of gutter featuring relative ingredients of the desserts.