Sinterklaas stamps from the Netherlands

November 4th, 2013

PostNL issued a sheetlet of stamps celebrating Sinterklaas and sinterklaasfest. The stamps radiate the atmosphere of joy and expectation corresponding to the spirit of the Saint Nicholas feast in the Netherlands. The five illustrations in ten stamps are based on the classic Santa Claus story.

Sinterklaas is a traditional winter holiday figure still celebrated in the Low Countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as some parts of Germany, French Flanders, Lorraine and Artois. Although he is usually referred to as Sinterklaas, he is also known as De Goedheiligman (The Good Holy Man), SintNicolaas (Saint Nicholas) or simply as De Sint (The Saint).

He is celebrated annually on Saint Nicholas' eve (5 December) in the Netherlands. Originally, the feast celebrates the name day of Saint Nicholas – patron saint of children, sailors, philatelists, and the city of Amsterdam, among others. Saint Nicholas being a bishop and this geographical spread make clear that the feast in this form has a Roman Catholic background, although the papacy has never officially recognized his existence.


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