Slovenia Post issues Serenade stamp to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. A cute and witty stamp introduced

February 10th, 2018

Slovenia has been issuing Love stamps since 1994 and this year the Postal Service has introduced a special heart-shaped stamp that is called Serenade to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. This item was designed by Barbara Kocjancic who created an ironic image of modern love. In the design a woman is serenading a man who is standing on the balcony of a cell phone.

The expression of romantic feelings and love for one’s sweetheart by courting her beneath her bedroom window was once an important part of romantic relationships.  In towns and cities this would frequently take place beneath balconies. Perhaps the most famous example is found in the story of Romeo and Juliet.

However, modern would-be lovers show love and romantic feelings in their own, different way. This is shown in the design of Slovenia St. Valentine’s Day stamp, in which the gender roles have been switched. And it is not surprise for people anymore. In the modern world, traditional roles are in fact frequently reversed in this type of communication. The world of electronic media substitutes the most primary human contact such as body language, the messages conveyed by a carefully selected bunch of flowers, a chosen song or melody, and a serenade that once was the best declaration of love.