Small Streams Make Big Rivers, Loire stamps from France

June 16th, 2013

To illustrate the proverb "Small streams make big rivers", this stamp booklet by France Poste offers a journey throughout the flow of Loire, the first French river by its size and the extent of itscurrent. Each of the ten stamps offers one oficonic or lesser-known landscapes of Loire. Among them there areMont Gerbier-de-Jonc, source of Loire, Becd'Allierwhere Loire receives its tributary, Blois where barges carrying barrelsnavigate, or Marais de Briere in the heart of the estuary.

This is the artist Isy Ochoa, who used to create booklets Flavors of France, who received the privilege torealize the course of Loire stamp issue.

The issue was realized with support of the French Red Cross. Today with over 53,000 volunteers and 17,000 employees, the organization helps each year more than 2 million people in France and around the world, by systematically promoting their reintegration and autonomy. "Save in an emergency, act in time" – this is the credo of French Red Cross, acting in five areas: emergency first aid, social welfare, health and support for independent living, training, international action.

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