Small town Artist: World Heritage. Park Güell – Gaudí's reproduction is to appear on a stamp

April 28th, 2014

Artist's set of marks, proofed by seal, block is dedicated to "World Heritage. Park Güell by Gaudí" issued the same day.

The set of marks shows one of the works of the great Catalan artist Antonio Gaudi, to be exact his most famous and popular productions.

On one of the stamps a dragon can be seen. It has become the most popular image of the park, located on the stairway that connects the entrance esplanade with the Hypostyle Hall. The technique Trencadís mosaic made with ceramic fragments connected with the image of death, was a creation of Gaudí, adopted by Catalonian modernism and today used by leading architects.

The seal, circular in shape, are placed on the frontal side of a commemorative two-euro coin dedicated to Park Güell.

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