So captivating and majestic castles of Luxembourg. Two Europa 2017 stamps introduced

April 30th, 2017 is excited to introduce to your appraisal two Europa 2017 stamps recently released by Luxembourg Post. The items depict two majestic castles “Dommeldenger Schlass” and “Beggener Schlass” that have a number of things in common.

They lie geographically close together, were both owned by well-known bourgeois Luxembourg families for many years and nowadays they are home to the embassies of two important countries, Russia and China. So, let’s appreciate this specially released items together!

Since around 1840, the wealthy bourgeois of Luxembourg supported building in the style of Historism that drew its inspiration by incorporating many elements from different historical periods, which can be seen in the richly decorated facades in particular. Both castles have the characteristic architectural features of their time.

“With this project, the challenge was on one hand to highlight each building’s individual charm and character, and at the same time unify and bring together the buildings as a pair of stamps. To strengthen this pairing, I used similar mixed media painting techniques on both stamps.” Ben Carter, artist.

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