South Georgia mapping appeared on stamps. Six original stamps prepared by South Georgia Post

January 18th, 2018 is glad to inform our readers that South Georgia Post Office has prepared for issuing a set of six stamps dedicated to important expeditions and maps of South Georgia.

These six bright stamps are devoted to Cook Map 1775 and HMS Resolution, Carse Map 1958 and Surveys 1951-1957, BAS map 2017 and GIS Mapping.

We would also like to remind you that South Georgia Post already issued four stamps devoted to mapping theme in 2007.

So, the first two stamps feature Cook Map 1775 and HMS Resolution. The British explorer, navigator and cartographer Captain James Cook, made the first landing, survey and mapping of South Georgia whilst aboard the HMS Resolution.

As instructed by the Admiralty on 17th January 1775, he took possession for Britain and renamed the island ‘Isle of Georgia’ for King George III.

The second pair of stamp is devotes to Carse Map 1958 and Surveys 1951-1957. Duncan Carse and thirteen men surveyed South Georgia using techniques that had scarcely changed since Shackleton’s era but were nonetheless extremely effective.

The culmination of their work was published by the Directorate of Overseas Surveys in 1958 and remained the definitive map of the island for the next 46 years.

And the third pair of stamps is dedicated to BAS map 2017 and GIS Mapping. A team of cartographers at British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has re-produced a high-resolution updated map of the sub-antarctic island of South Georgia 2017. Last updated in 2004, the map has new features including new bays and lakes created by recent glacier retreat.

An interesting addition is a detailed map of the Shackleton Crossing, which is popular for mountaineers wishing to follow in the path of the great explorer’s 1916 expedition.