South Georgia - Sir Rex Hunt

May 4th, 2013

On 11th June 2013 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands will release a set of stamps to commemorate Rex Hunt - the most well-known governor of the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies (which included the island of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands).

Set the of stamps is due for release to coincide with the Memorial Service for Sir Rex Hunt to be held at St. Clement Danes, the Central Church of the Royal Air Force, London on the same day.

Previously Falkland Islands have announced their stamp issue on the same theme.

The stamps of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands will feature:

65p Sir Rex in front of a crashed Wasp helicopter at St. Andrews Bay South Georgia. The helicopter had airlifted Rex and Mavis from the flight deck of HMS Endurance during a visit to South Georgia and then was due to take them both down to the Antarctic to visit the British stations.  However, due to an error, the helicopter on approach to flat ground near the hut that served as Annie Price and Cindy Buxton's accommodation tipped nose down and did a somersault.  Cindy and Annie looked on in horror and then rushed over with fire extinguishers in case they were needed, but luckily no fire broke out and Rex and Mavis climbed out unharmed albeit somewhat shaken.

75p  Sir Rex in front of Government House, Falkland Islands – December 1982.

£1 Sir Rex visits Pobjoy Mint with Baroness Thatcher in May 2007 to launch the first coins in the series produced to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

£1.20 A recent family portrait of Sir Rex Hunt.

FDC Sir Rex and Lady Hunt outside Annie and Cindy's hut at St. Andrews Bay, along with Captain Nick Barker, Captain of HMS. Endurance, the lst Lt and Ships Doctor with Cindy Buxton. Annie recalls that "It was always such excitement for Cindy and I to have a visit from HMS Endurance along with Rex and Mavis, and we spent many a happy night on board. Happy memories."