Special stamp issue – “Hong Kong, China - Malaysia Joint Issue on Local Food”

September 28th, 2014

According to info got by FindYourStampsValue.com Hongkong Post announced that a set of special stamps entitled "Hong Kong, China - Malaysia Joint Issue on Local Food" will be launched on October 9. The stamp issue consists of four stamps that depict local dishes of both countries.

As the Chinese saying goes, food is of paramount importance to all of us. By learning more about the food culture of a country, we can gain an appreciation of the customs and traditions of the local people. For Hong Kong's 13th joint issue with other postal administrations, Hongkong Post and Pos Malaysia are jointly issuing a set of four stamps on local food that can be found in the two places.

These stamps showcase the unique local culinary delights that reflect the distinctive cuisines and food tastes of these two Asian neighbors, including the egg waffle and Poon Choi in Hong Kong and Nasi Lemak and satay in Malaysia. The stamps are adorned with images of the bauhinia and the hibiscus (Bunga Raya), the floral emblems of Hong Kong and Malaysia respectively, on an ink-splash background.