Special treasures of the Shosoin's warehouse

November 2nd, 2014

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to inform that Japan Post issued a series of stamps depicting the beuty of Shosoin's treasures. This is the first issue of "The Treasures of The Shoso-in Series". These commemorative stamps depict Treasures of Shoso-in in Nara prefecture that holds the best fine arts and crafts in Japan.

Shosoin — is the oldest treasure warehouse with the largest collection of 8th century Silk Road artefacts in existence today. Shosoin today holds around 9000 items, leaving out items that are yet to be classified.

Among the thousands of objects preserved in the Shosoin, are cut-glass bowls, cups and pitchers from Persia, cups of Indian rhinoceros horn, musical instruments made by artisans of Tang China, burlap bags and silk brocades, tables and chests of drawers, tax records and population surveys – priceless treasures of the imperial treasure repository of the great temple Todaiji in Nara located in Japan's first permanent capital.

More significantly for Japan's heritage, the Shosoin houses artifacts connected to Emperor Shomu (701-756) and Empress Komyo (701-760), as well as arts and crafts of the Tempyo period of Japanese history. These Shosoin exhibits thus provide a rare glimpse into the daily life of Japan's imperial court and the sophisticated splendours of an ancient age.

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