“Spring twitter” was selected to be the most beautiful Finnish stamp of 2015!

January 18th, 2016

What is the most beautiful Finnish stamp of 2015? FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to present the results of public voting in Finland for the most appealing philatelic item of the previous year. Finns have given the first prize to the Spring twitter Easter stamp which features a great tit singing on a branch with willow catkins.

The stamp is a 1st class stamp, and there is a narcissus protruding over its regular borders. The stamp sheet also includes witty, onomatopoeic Priority labels bearing the text PRIORI-TITI-TYY. The Spring twitter stamp is illustrated and designed by Salli Parikka Wahlberg.

Spring twitter won a total of 9% of all the 36,226 votes. Votes were accepted on Posti's website and via mail. The contest was also announced in Postinen, the folded advertisement leaflet that is delivered to households with direct marketing mail. The message clearly got through: the number of votes increased by 40% from last year.

Other animal stamps as runners-up

The Valentine's day stamp by Ilja Karsikas that bears a fox and a rabbit placed second with 8.3% of the votes. Gold swan by Klaus Haapaniemi with its ornate decorations in gold foil received 7.2% of the votes and placed third.

This year, all the designers of the three most popular stamps were first timers.

‒ The voting results show that Finns appreciate variety and want to have plenty of colorful stamps from which to choose. People want different stamps for different situations. This is a good starting point for stamp design, Tommi Kantola, Design Manager at Posti says.

The ten most beautiful Finnish stamps of 2015

1.      Spring twitter, Salli Parikka Wahlberg, 9.0%

2.      Valentine's Day, fox and rabbit stamp, lja Karsikas, 8.3%

3.      Gold swan, Klaus Haapaniemi, 7.2%

4.      Summer feeling, rowing stamp, Pietari Posti, 6.6%

5.      Christmas street, Klaus Welp, 6.5%

6.      Floral beauty, rose stamp, Minna Immonen, 6.0%

7.      Synchronized skating, Ari Lakaniemi & Susanna Rumpu, 5.5%

8.      Reflection, Klaus Welp, 5.0%

9.      Festive bouquet, Riikka Juvonen, 5.0%

10.  Floral beauty, orchid stamp, Minna Immonen, 4.0%

The ten most beautiful Finnish stamps of 2015