St Catherine's of Voru stamp from Estonia

July 24th, 2013

Eesti Post issued a stamp to commemorate the 220th anniversary of the foundation of St Catherine's of Voru church.

St Catherine's of Voru was built in the years 1788–1792, being a contemporary with the city, and its inauguration took place on July 24, 1793. The late baroque church with strong early classical features is attributed to Christoph Haberland, an architect based in Riga. The altar part of the church was put up a few years after completion of the church and it received its present appearance only in 1860. The spire received its final shape in 1879 and at the same time also a clock with four faces, which well serves the citizens until today, was put. The church has two tower clocks – the smaller one weighing 460 and the bigger one 850 kg. In 2013, simultaneously with the 220th anniversary of the church also the centenary of its organ built by the Kriisa brothers will be marked. On every Sunday and on at all the major festivities there are services in the church. St Catherine's of Voru has been included in the Travellers' Churches program.

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