Stamp bazar as a unique living culture of Saigonese

January 18th, 2015 got info about the unique stamp bazar that is held weekly on the main road in the heart of Saigon (largest city in Vietnam). This stamp fair attracts stamp lovers and tourists. Here visitors can enjoy coffee and flip through the pages of stamps and recall memories of the past.

With the popularity of e-mail, stamps have gradually disappeared in the everyday life of people. However, this does not mean that stamps have lost their value; stamps have become even more meaningful for stamp lovers and stamp collectors.

Held for the first time in 2004, this stamp market has become a unique living culture of Saigonese. With just several pairs of tables and chairs along the corridor of this high-rise building, this place is still bustling and crowded like a true fair.

The stamps are miniature worlds, through which stamp players can learn about the culture, history, art and architecture of other countries.

Stamps are categorized into topics such as world cultural celebrities, world cultural heritage, landscapes or animals. Stamp collectors come here to find stamps they need for their collections.

Most participants at the fair are veteran stamp collectors. Visitors can explore, discover, or to ask any information about stamps. The price per stamp here is from tens of thousands dong to several million dong.

For philatelists, stamps are classified into two types: living and dead. Living stamps are unused stamps, without postmark, and are released on special occasions such as holidays or special days of the country. The dead stamps are used ones and have historical and time value.

For the majority of philatelists, the theme of President Ho always attracts collectors. This stamp market is not only a place where philatelists buy and sell stamps but also where they meet to exchange ideas about their hobby.