July 11th, 2014

Stamp dedicated to 800th anniversary of Turaida Castle


To celebrate the 800th anniversary of the masonry Turaida Castle, Latvijas Pasts is to release a special stamp on Friday, July 11, 2014. The first-day cancellation of the new stamp is to be held in the post office Sakta, 32 Brīvības Boulevard, Riga. The presentation and symbolic cancellation of the stamp, which will start at 11 AM in the Ministry of Culture, 11a K.Valdemāra Street, Riga, will see the participation of representatives of Latvijas Pasts, Ministry of Culture, Turaida Museum Reserve, Sigulda Municipality Council and Academy of Sciences.

The print run of the new stamp Turaida Caste - 800 is 300,000 copies; the denomination of the stamp is EUR 0.50, making it suitable for mailing a regular letter within Latvia. The release of the stamp is accompanied by the issue of a special envelope with a print run of 1,500 copies. The stamp and the envelope have been designed by artist Ģirts Grīva.

Turaida Castle is one of the best-known archaeological and architectural monuments of Latvia. The construction of the masonry castle started in 1214 at the site of the wooden castle of the Livonian leader Caupo of Turaida, which had burnt down during a battle.

Nowadays, Turaida Castle is one of the oldest medieval castles to be seen in Latvia, and it is also one of the most archaeologically studied medieval castles in the Baltic countries. During its existence, the castle was not only a symbol of power of foreign lands, but also an object of disputes within the feudal wars of the small Livonian states and a witness of the dramatic military conflicts, such as the Livonian War, the Polish-Swedish War and the Great Northern War. Today, Turaida Castle is part of Turaida Museum Reserve, a specially protected cultural monument.

Turaida Caste - 800 is the second stamp issued by Latvijas Pasts in honour of the symbols of Turaida: back in 1997, Latvijas Pasts released the stamp Legend of Rose of Turaida.

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