July 12th, 2014

Stamp issue in honor of Italian Red Cross on the 150th anniversary of its foundation


This stamp issue of Italian Post celebrates the Italian Red Cross on the 150th anniversary of its foundation. Print run consists of two million, seven hundred thousand copies.

Design shows the logo of the Italian Red Cross placed inside the figure "zero" of the number "150", referring to the anniversary of the foundation of the organization. On the background is a paler version of the same logo, printed on top of which are the seven fundamental principles of the International Red Cross Movement.

The words "UMANITÀ" humanity – IMPARZIALITÀ impartiality – NEUTRALITÀ neutrality – INDIPENDENZA independence – VOLONTARIETÀ voluntary service – UNITÀ unity – UNIVERSALITÀ universality, "ITALIA", and the denomination "€ 0,70" complete the stamp. The designer is Cristina Bruscaglia.

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