January 21st, 2017

Starfish as the greatest representative of Marine Life. 4 colorful stamps introduced by Chunghwa Post

So as to foster an appreciation for marine life among ROC citizens and to draw attention to the marine environment, Chunghwa Post has released a bright set of four stamps. Each item depicts a colorful and beautiful starfish.

FindYourStampsValue.com invites our readers to appreciate the designs of each item and get acquainted with their detailed description in this philatelic release.

Fromia monilis (NT$5) stamp: This starfish’s central body and the tips of its arms are bright red or orange. The plates on its body’s surface form a mesh-like pattern. The individually distinguishable gills on its back are a characteristic feature. These starfish can sometimes be seen along the coasts of Hengchun, Penghu and Taiwan’s northeast.

Culcita novaeguineae (NT$5) stamp: A large starfish has abbreviated arms and a body shaped like a flattened ball. The green ones are more common. It is a common starfish in all of Taiwan’s coral reefs.

Acanthaster planci (NT$5) stamp: A large starfish that feeds on stony coral polyps, it is known as a “coral killer.” Its arms are covered with venomous thorn-like spines. Its body is largely blue-gray, whereas the area around its gills is bright red. It can be found in the waters of all of Taiwan’s coral reefs and outer islands.

4.Linckia laevigata (NT5) stamp: The most common large starfish in Taiwan’s waters, it is largely blue, with arms that greatly resemble fingers ‒ hence its Chinese common name of “the blue-finger starfish.” It is common in the waters of Taiwan’s coral reefs and outer islands.

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