Story of chocolate implemented on four stamps by Portugal Post

July 22nd, 2018

From Cocoa to Chocolate is the route taken by this issue of stamps from Portugal Post, which will allow the reader to follow the magical transformation of the fruit of the cocoa tree into a product enjoyed throughout the world - chocolate. There are few who can resist the attraction of chocolate, which sometimes becomes a passion or even an obsession. We invite you to get acquainted with these four delicious stamps by Portugal Post and other stamp issues on this tasty subject

The emotional and delicious stamps presented by Portugal Post are devoted to different pieces of history of chocolate. So, the €0.53 stamp shows the pod and its beans with a cocoa tree in the background. The inhabitants of Mesoamerica were the first people who realized the use of the beans of the cocoa tree. These people are celebrated with the €0.70 stamp. 

On the €0.65 stamp, the elegant Dutch lady in the painting by Jean-Étienne Liotard (c. 1756) begins her day with a hot chocolate, symbolising the Europeans’ passion for cocoa, especially for the truffle. This sweet is probably the most luxurious chocolate-based confection. It appears on the €0.86 stamp, against a background in which you can see an old chocolate factory.

Anyone with a sweet tooth shouldn’t miss acquiring this special stamp devoted to some of the oldest and tastiest desserts – chocolate.


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