Striking ship models on new stamps! Philatelic issue for inquisitive…

October 21st, 2015

If in childhood you were obsessed with constructing ships models, this stamp issue will be especially interesting for you. is glad to introduce this philatelic release by PostNL that depicts striking ship models from the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam.

The ship models on the stamps offer a good overview of the different types of ships built over the past seven centuries. The oldest depicted ship is a Spanish freighter from 1425, and the newest is a Dutch construction ship built in 2014. Five of the ship models on the new stamps are part of the new permanent exhibit in the Maritime Museum. The exhibit comprises a total of 25 masterpieces from the museum's centuries-old collection.

All ship details on one stamp

For designers Haico Beukers and Marga Scholma from Beukers Scholma design agency, the biggest challenge was getting good images of the models themselves. "We were able to include all the details of a large ship on one stamp", Beukers said. Beukers Scholma design agency has designed stamps for PostNL before, including The Netherlands and Beyond: Japan in 2014.