Struggling Against US Imperialism Month. Two provoking stamps introduced by North Korea Post

July 10th, 2017

In North Korea, June 25 is the start of “Struggle Against US Imperialism Month.” The annual event commemorates the beginning of the North Korean military campaign to force American troops out of the South in 1950. hurries to let our readers know that North Korea Post introduced two America-hating postage stamps that are mini masterpieces of anti-imperialist propaganda.

The comic-book-like images aren’t the first attempt to stamp out American imperialism with postage stamps. The fists, guns, and nuclear warheads pointed at the US Capitol in the new 30- and 50-won stamps are just the latest threats in a long tradition of philatelic propaganda. North Korea has issued hundreds of politically-themed stamps since 1946, and graphic anti-American motifs began appearing in the 1960’s.

With a museum dedicated to philately in Pyongyang, stamp-making is a serious art form in North Korea. Treating the small surface as their canvas, artists use styles including etching, painting, illustration, and photography.

For their rarity and grim graphic appeal, North Korean stamps are coveted by collectors worldwide. And the North Korean government sees philately as a way to bring in foreign currency into the country.

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