Student cap as a marker of a common identity

February 25th, 2015 hurries to inform that Finnish Post is to release a special stamp to underline the symbolic meaning of student cap. In various European countries, student caps of different types are worn either as a marker of a common identity. The stamp has been already designed and is to be released on the 2d of March.

The Finnish student cap tradition follows the Swedish model, like many other Finnish academic traditions. The Finnish student cap has an appearance similar to the Swedish version, but instead of coloured fabric cockade, it has a metallic, gold-colored cockade depicting the lyre of Apollo, the insignia of the University of Helsinki.

The cap was introduced in its present form in the 1870s. Until the 1950s, the university students usually wore the cap during the whole summer holiday of the university, from Walpurgis Night till the end of September.

Nowadays, the cap is used mostly during 1 May and in academic ceremonies and occasions. The cap is worn by all Finnish high school (lukio) graduates.

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