Sunny season greetings from Finland. Summer mood aroused by 5 new Finnish stamps

April 24th, 2016

Evening barbecues, mangoes, ice cream and beach days. These are just some of the nine reasons why summer is the best season of the year. To underline the beauty of this time of the year and to promote summer mood Finland Post has prepared for releasing five class no-value indicator stamps that depict the joys of summer. invites our readers to appreciate bright and original design of these five summer stamps.

The traditional market stall and the lively skater present the diversity of the urban culture. Of course, the stamps also feature the beach, but the effect of weather on the happy days of Finnish summer cannot be avoided.

"City dwellers running for cover in sudden rain was a very suitable image for describing the surprising nature of weather in summer", says Eili-Kaija Kuusniemi, the designer of the stamps. "For me, the most personal image would be summery feet in sandals. The feeling after you've used all your tricks and nail polish to make your feet ready for summer!"
Works of the well-known graphic designer and illustrator have been seen on both Finnish products and large foreign brands. The customers of Kuusniemi include Posti, Fazer, Arla, and Elle Magazine.

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