• October 6th, 2016

    Legendary Indian King (Maharaja) Agrasen honored with Maldives Post. One special stamp of unusual form released

    FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to inform all devoted collectors that Maldives Post has issued a beautiful stamp on Maharaja Agrasen to commemorate Agrasen Jayanti on 1st October, 2016. The stamp has been issued under the series of “Inventions and Explorations” along with other personalities like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Christopher Columbus, Charles Darwin & Valentina Tereshkova. Mal ...
  • September 30th, 2013

    Fauna of the Indian Ocean new stamps from Maldives

    The first stamp issue in the year 2013 by Maldives Post is dedicated to Fauna of the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean. It is more than 28 million square miles in size and covers almost one-fifth of the world's surface. It lies to the east of Africa and the west of Australia, with Asia to the north. The ocean is home to animals that survive in saltwater. From the large bale ...
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  • June 26th, 2010

    100 years of Girl Guides - Maldives postage stamp

    The Post of the Maldives has issued a stamp commemorating the centenary of Girlguiding. The Maldives Girl Guides Association serves 7,307 members (as of 2008). Founded in 1962, the girls-only organization became an associate member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 1994 and a full member in 1999. ...
  • June 23rd, 2010

    Elvis Presley Stamps from Maldives

    The Maldives Post has commemorated one of the most popular American singers Elvis Presley by issuing a series of souvenir sheets with his portraits. Elvis Presley was a cultural icon widely known by the single name Elvis. He is often referred to as the "King of Rock and Roll" or simply "the King". Presley is regarded as one of the most important figures of 20th-century popular culture. He had a ve ...
  • June 22nd, 2010

    Reptiles of the Maldives on stamps

    This new stamp issue of Maldives Post is dedicated to the local fauna. The four stamps of the set depict the representatives of Maldivian sea fauna - two sea turtles, a snake and a lizard. Since the Maldivian islands are very small, land reptiles are rare. In the sea there are turtles, like the green turtle, the hawksbill turtle, and the leatherback turtle, that lay eggs on Maldivian beaches. Sea ...
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