May 4th, 2017

Take a break and have outdoor fun. Six energetic stamps introduced by Hongkong Post


Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis well known for its fast-paced city life. Nevertheless, one can take a break from the hustle and enjoy all manner of outdoor activities while exploring the other side of Hong Kong. To encourage public participation in outdoor activities and advocate a healthy and active lifestyle, Hongkong Post created six stamps depicting outdoor pastimes that have the highest popularity ratings. encourages our readers to appreciate the idea and creative design of these bright stamps.

The special stamp set showcases the dynamic and tranquil sides of cosmopolitan Hong Kong, and promotes wholesome out-of-doors activities for a well-rounded lifestyle. The stamps are illustrated in the style of open-air sketching to support the theme of outdoor recreational and leisure pursuits. A distinctive background colour is chosen for each of the six outdoor activities so that the six stamps form a jigsaw full of colours and vibrancy when put together.

$1.70 Picnic and Barbecue stamp

During holidays, one can visit the great outdoors with family for enjoyment, or indulge in a happy gathering with friends barbecuing and enjoying the pastoral environment in country parks.

$2.20 Cycling stamp

Cycling is a widely popular outdoor activity which is not only beneficial to our physical and mental health, but is also very pleasurable. There are many cycle tracks in Hong Kong. Besides improving physical fitness, riding on these tracks offers fascinating and spectacular scenery along the way.

$2.90 Visiting Heritage Sites stamp

As a city where East meets West, Hong Kong boasts a wealth of traditional Chinese and Western historical buildings. There are currently a total of 114 declared monuments across Hong Kong. Anyone can visit these heritage sites to feel Hong Kong’s unique historical ambience and explore the colourful fusion of Chinese and Western cultures.

$3.10 Beach Fun stamp

Hong Kong has many scenic beaches where people can sunbathe and have fun while enjoying a view of the sea blending beautifully with the sky. The beaches are located in different districts, including the Southern District, the Islands District, Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan and Sai Kung.

$3.70 Hiking stamp

Accounting for 40% of the total land area of Hong Kong, our many country parks are just a stone’s throw from urban areas. These parks include various trails such as Long Trails, Family Walks, Nature Trails and Country Trails. Visitors can choose a suitable hiking route based on their interests, physical strength and experience, and ramble around the countryside to admire Hong Kong’s natural beauty.

$5 Outdoor Photography stamp

Hong Kong is blessed with an abundance of amazing scenery, from beautiful coastlines and undulating mountain ranges to breathtaking views of a glittering starry sky, the stunning Milky Way or a spectacular sea of clouds. Taking photographs outdoors is a good way to discover a different Hong Kong.

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