Tartu Observatory as the unique one in Estonia! New special stamp issue released…

December 25th, 2015

The Tartu Observatory is the largest and one of the most progressive astronomical observatories in Estonia.

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to introduce the Estonian special stamp issue that aims to underline the importance and the unique contribution of this establishment to the world's meteorology as well as astronomy.

On 2 December 1865 Arthur von Oettingen launched meteorological observations at the Tartu University Physics Cabinet. The tower of the building reproduced on the stamp was a long time the place of the observations. The results of the observations were presented in accordance of the new calendar, were published and gained extensive international distribution in the course of data exchange.

In the course of time both the measured quantities as well as observation sites have been added. Starting from 2001, the Tartu-Tõravere meteorology station is in the network of solar radiation base stations 1. We can say that the observations that started 150 years ago served as the base of the weather service in Estonia.

The first decade was the weather services cooperation period in the measurements, presentation of results and telegraphic forwarding and standardization in which also A. von Oettingen took part. Meteorologists were the first who, due to the dimension, extent and variability of their object took the road of globalization. Awakening of globalization, as we call the same period national awakening.