Technical Monuments – new stamp issue by Lithuania Post

April 24th, 2015 got to know that Lithuania Post continues to issue postage stamps from the series Technical Monuments. This time the company released a stamp dedicated to the Kaunas Fortress. The new stamp appeared in circulation on April 11.

The postage stamp created by the artist Mindaugas Gribauskas features a plan of the Kaunas Fortress dating back to 1903.

At the end of XIX century, the Tsar's Russia, following its strategic plans, decided to turn Kaunas into the first class fortress. In 1882, the city was surrounded by 9 forts and 12 batteries. Also, the roads and a military railway line were built, and military towns, workshops, laboratories, storehouses, and shelters constructed.

In 1912, the first aerodrome in Lithuania was build, and the construction works of the second circle of forts started. After the World War I, the fortress has lost its military function. Some forts have been turned into apartments, workshops, and a military prison. During the World War II, the forts VI, VII, and IX became the death camps.

The stamp the nominal value of which is EUR 2.03 will be issued in the edition of 200 thousand copies.