Technology is our future! Let's discover its wonders with a new stamp issue by San Marino Post

October 17th, 2015 is glad to introduce to our readers' attention a special joint stamp issue by Italy and San Marino Posts that shows the wonders and usefulness of technology popularized by Techno Science Park.

It is a wide project of research and development that combines two countries and a graphic designer, Matteo Riva, illustrator specialized in info-maps that merge geometrical elements and illustrations.

The artist, known as Crockhaus, is the art director of the magazine Vita. He designed two values of €1.60 and 2.50 dedicated to the Techno Science Park San Marino-Italia, with two different but symmetrical perspectives with a language that blends typography and icons.

The value of €1.60 shows the Techno Park seen through the energy of a microcosm, made up of a combination of symbols and icons typical of the universe of the startup companies.

The 2.50€ stamp depicts a human mind which is the origin of the park: a young researcher with glasses switches on a light bulb, he is the real protagonist of the adventure of the Science Park. The philatelic issue marked a strategic alliance between the countries that head together for a future of innovation.

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