The 150th birthday of Alice Tegnér celebrated by Sweden Post

November 16th, 2014

This year has 150 years since the beloved composer of children's songs Alice Tegner was born. According to info received by on this occasion Sweden Post issued the stamps and miniature sheet depicting Alice Tegnér at the piano, and characters from her children's songs signed by Elsa Beskow.

Alice Tegnér (1864-1943) composed a number of classic children's songs, such as "Bä, bä vita lamm", "Mors lilla Olle" and "Ekorrn satt i granen". Most of the songs were composed when she worked as a music teacher and organist in Djursholm just north of Stockholm, where she lived for several decades around the turn of the 20th century.

The songs are included in "Sjung med oss mamma", which was published in nine booklets between the years 1892 and 1934. The idea behind this treasure were the stories Alice Tegnér told her sons.

The widespread songbook, "Nu ska vi sjunga", with illustrations by Elsa Beskow, was published in 1943 on Alice Tegnér's initiative. Her compositions also include works for piano and violin as well as choirs. Her sources of inspiration include both folk music and artistic music, such as Mendelssohn and Schumann.