The 200th birthday of Julius von Mayer celebrated by German Post

November 7th, 2014

According to info got by German Post has prepared for issuing a special commemorative stamp celebrating the 200th birthday of Julius von Mayer. The stamp is scheduled to be released on the 3d of November.

Julius Robert von Mayer was a German physician and physicist and one of the founders of thermodynamics. He is best known for enunciating in 1841 one of the original statements of the conservation of energy or what is now known as one of the first versions of the first law of thermodynamics, namely that "energy can be neither created nor destroyed".

In 1842, Mayer described the vital chemical process now referred to as oxidation as the primary source of energy for any living creature. His achievements were overlooked and priority for the discovery of the mechanical equivalent of heat was attributed to James Joule in the following year. He also proposed that plants convert light into chemical energy.

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