The 450th birthday of Rio de Janeiro celebrated by Brazil Post

March 18th, 2015 hurries to inform that Brazil Post has released a special set of stamps celebrating the 450th anniversary of Rio de Janeiro. The issue consists of four stamps that were put into circulation on the 5th of March.

Founded on March 1, 1565, the city of Rio de Janeiro celebrated its 450th anniversary this year with over 200 events ranging from concerts to openings to activities including marathons, installations and more taking place throughout the city.

Founded by the Portuguese, the city of Rio de Janeiro has a rich and colorful history. Established as the center of the Portuguese empire in the early 19th century, Rio has been a key player in the history of the nation of Brazil.

Now the second largest city in Brazil, and sixth largest in the Americas, Rio has over 12 million residents and is one of the most diverse areas of the world.

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