The 55th anniversary of San Carlos City marked with a new stamp issue by the PHLPost

July 25th, 2015 got to know that the colorful Pintaflores Festival will highlight the commemorative stamps issued by the Philippine Postal Corp. to mark the 55th anniversary of San Carlos City in Negros Occidental.

"Every month of November, the city celebrates the Pintaflores festival that culminates in a fascinating street dancing competition participated by floral-painted dancers donned in colorful, ethnic-inspired costumes. It also showcases the folk tale of Princess Nabingka and the flowers", it said.
The Pintaflores festival of San Carlos City is one of the most colorful festival of Negros Occidental showasing the folk tale of Princess Nabingka and the flowers.

San Carlos became a city on July 1, 1960, PHLPost noted.

It said the city's former name "Nabingkalan" stemmed from "Nabingka" ‒ a beautiful daughter of the Negrito chieftain who settled in the area that ruled the village in early part of 17th century.

According to folk tales, a young princess from Cebu named Princess Nabingka sailed to a nearby island together with her men. They named the land Nabingkalan in Princess' honor. The land that is now known as San Carlos City.

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