The 70th anniversary of liberation of Belgrade celebrated with a new issue

October 26th, 2014 is glad to inform that Serbian Post has released a series of stamps dedicated to the 70th anniversary of liberation of Belgrade in the Second World War. The issue has been already put into circulation.

The Battle for liberation of Belgrade or the "Belgrade Offensive" was the biggest and one of the most decisive battles in the Balkans during the Second World War.

Preparing for the Battle, the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia (NOVJ), supported by the Allies' aviation, broke all the communications to the German Army Group E departing from Greece, while the parts of the Soviet Third Ukrainian Front of the Red Army entered the territory of Yugoslavia from Bulgaria. The First Army Group of NOVJ took part in the operation under the command of General Peko Dapčević and Fourth Guards Mechanized Corps of the Red Army, under the command of Marshal Vladimir Ivanovich Zhdanov.

The battles in the Belgrade City area were fought from 14th till 22nd October 1944. Belgrade was besieged from the south and east, and the joint armies fought back using infantry troops, tanks, guns and mortars. Belgrade suffered immense material damages, and the liberation armies paid a tremendous cost in human lives. NOVJ lost around 2,950, while the Red Army had around 960 dead combatants. However, Wehrmacht suffered far more losses in materiel and human lives, with around 17,000 dead.

The battle for liberation of Belgrade contributed considerably to faster end of the War in Europe. The German armies in retreat from Greece and Albania could not use the main communications along the Vardar and Morava rivers any more, but were forced to traverse far worse mountain communications through Sanjak, Bosnia and Dalmatia. That caused slowdown in their movements and increased their losses in material and human forces.

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