The Alps – Diversity in Europe! One new environmentally friendly stamp unveiled by German Post

June 11th, 2016 is glad to inform our readers that German Post published special commemorative stamp with the title 'The Alps – Diveristy in Europe.'

Every two years the commemorative stamp 'for environmental protection' with an aggregate value of 30 cents appears and goes towards supporting environmental protection and nature conservation projects from domestic and international NGOs.

The Alps – one of the last remaining areas with truly wild places in central Europe – are remote. They are breathtaking. They are beautiful.

They are one of the last strongholds of nature. Forming a massive arc from Nice to Vienna, the Alps are also one of the largest and highest mountain ranges in the world. Dynamic natural processes continuously reshape the landscape and are the driving force for biological diversity. But even the mightiest alpine peaks are not safe from the effects of urbanisation and climate change.

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