November 6th, 2014

The apostolic journeys by Pope Francis commemorated with a new issue is glad to inform that Vatican Post has prepared for issuing a set of stamps marking the apostolic journeys of Pope Francis. The set consists of two stamps that are scheduled to be put into circulation on the 21st of November.

This year's postage stamp issue dedicated to the papal journeys consists of a series of two values and a booklet featuring the apostolic journeys of Pope Francis in 2013 in Italy to Lampedusa, Cagliari and Assisi, and in Brazil to Rio de Janeiro.

The Philatelic and Numismatic Office is pleased to inform you that the funds generated from the sale of the postage stamp and booklet dedicated to the journeys of Pope Francis in Italy with his visit to the island of Lampedusa - a symbol of hope for a better life, but also of tragedy given the often deadly journey undertaken by migrants today - will be given to the Holy Father for charitable works dedicated to migrants.

The Holy Father's words of admonition, hope and thanksgiving spoken during his journey are reproduced in their entirety in the postage stamp booklet: "Immigrants dying at sea, in boats which were vehicles of hope and became vehicles of death. That is how the headlines put it. When I first heard of this tragedy a few weeks ago, and realized that it happens all too frequently, it has constantly come back to me like a painful thorn in my heart.

So I felt that I had to come here today, to pray and to offer a sign of my closeness, but also to challenge our consciences lest this tragedy be repeated. Please, let it not be repeated! First, however, I want to say a word of heartfelt gratitude and encouragement to you, the people of Lampedusa and Linosa, and to the various associations, volunteers and security personnel who continue to attend to the needs of people journeying towards a better future. You are so few, and yet you offer an example of solidarity! Thank you! "

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